Nigerian MixxBox

£29.99 per box (£2.50 per meal) & free delivery

If you are trying out Nigerian food for the first time or you just need an ingredient box for the week, why not choose our MixxBox? It contains the recipes and authentic ingredients you require to create favourite Nigerian dishes.

What’s in the box?

Feeding up to 4 people, your ingredient box is packed with authentic ingredients for 5 different dishes;

  • Bean Porridge
  • Akara (Bean Cake)
  • Jollof Rice
  • Rice & Stew
  • Boli (Grilled Platain)

Some of the ingredients provided: Bean Flour, Ground Crayfish, Puree & Chopped Tomato, Plantain, Chili Powder, Stock Cubes & Nutmeg.



“Thank you  for introducing us to Nigerian food. Really enjoyed the Jollof rice. It was easy to prepare too using your recipe.” – Adrian

“Customer service and the delivery process was superb. I am looking forward to my next delivery. Keep up the good work guys” – Dannielle.


Some of the meals you can create using the ingredients and recipes provided:

You can pick your own ingredients for other recipes through our online store.

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